At the Arklow Centre for Psychotherapy and Counselling you can avail of a confidential, safe place where you will receive the support you need to help you move through difficult or challenging times.  It is a non-judgemental, anti discriminatory practice that is dedicated to giving individuals the tools to manage their lives.

What is Counselling?

Counselling is a collaborative process that works by discussing issues and investigating feelings.  Sharing your concerns can ease your worries and tip the balance towards a calmer existence. It is an opportunity for you to offload your troubles and explore your emotions in a safe, dependable environment that is free from intrusion and totally confidential.

How do I know if I need counselling?

If you are feeling stressed, unhappy or overwhelmed it can often help to share your thoughts and feelings with someone completely removed from your close circle.  Sometimes you might not know what is wrong but you sense something is.  You might be confused about things and an objective/alternative way of seeing things presented by someone with no personal agenda can help you figure it out.

We offer one to one or couples therapy and workshops and courses for Schools, Colleges and Business Organisations. E-Counselling is a low cost alternative.  Available by appointment 089 4464 036

Private location in Ballintemple, Woodenbridge, easily accessible for South Wicklow /North Wexford. We are easily found with Google Maps.

What is the IACP?

IACP is the largest Counselling / Psychotherapy Association in Ireland and. is made up of thousands of practitioners who are committed to raising Counselling / Psychotherapy standards in Ireland.   IACP membership is a guarantee of the high ethical and professional standards set by IACP which members must meet on a yearly basis.

IACP VISION STATEMENT: A future where all people can access regulated professional Counselling and Psychotherapy services. Our vision is one where Counselling and Psychotherapy are an integral part of healthcare provision.

IACP Website: http://www.iacp.ie

Click on the following link for a Depression test 

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