Going public, my first blog.

I have decided to write a little bit about some stuff I have learned over the years.  I am soon going to be 50 years old and while that might seem young to some and ancient to others, it’s just a number.  But I thought that it might be a good age to start blogging!  What do I have to lose…….!

I have been working as a counsellor/psychotherapist for over five years now.  It is a very rewarding often challenging experience, but along the way I am learning a lot about life.  And that is what I want to share with you.  So it will be my personal take on things with a little bit of information thrown in for good measure. I will try to make it clear what are my own thoughts and what are some one else’s. So I will endeavour to reference everything.

I would like feed back  or suggestions on what people might like to know in the area of mental health and/or counselling.  I am new to this so all comments will be gratefully received.

My second blog will follow shortly. …